Doctor Mervin Blaise

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Deep within every Parliamentary institution is one person who appears to have been there forever, and knows such obscure things as how to thump the machinery back to life, and where the more obsolete items are kept. Nobody embodies this concept better than Doctor Mervin Blaise.

He's described himself as "a shade over fifty" ever since the elder civil servants can remember, and from a number of seventeenth century woodcuts there's clear indication that his fiftieth birthday might have coincided with the arrest of Guy Fawkes.

This speculation isn't something Doctor Blaise is willing to discuss, so while his longevity is an open secret, the tradition has grown up that it's unpardonably rude to talk about it in front of him.

But even Doctor Blaise couldn't stay in the background forever. He's currently the civil servant in charge of the MoE, a position foisted on him when it became clear he was about the only senior figure not tainted by complicity in the Industrial Process scandal.

As the de facto head of the MoE, Doctor Blaise has proved that he favours making alliances and making diplomatic overtures wherever possible. In the case of the Angels, this led to the formation of Project Salgia.


Doctor Blaise is said to be immortal, although about the only response he will make on the subject is to indicate his impressive collection of scars and point out that "unageing is surely not the same as immortal, as my brisk ducking reflex could also testify."

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