Industry AKA IPv2.7

Case File Edit

Of all the Angels and their apprentices, Industry's ancestry is the easiest to pinpoint; she's the genetic clone of Envy. The MoE discovered her sitting in a lab surrounded by car parts when she was two years old, happily assembling an internal combustion engine. The lab in question turned out to be owned by the MoE, as part of a scandal nicknamed by the media as the Industrial Process.

Despite her unorthodox beginnings the little girl was quickly adopted by the PA of Doctor Blaise and lived a comparatively normal childhood. The upheaval caused her abilities to suppress themselves (a very common reaction in small children undergoing trauma) for thirteen years- until she became a legal adult and went searching for her real parents.

Envy was said to be furious at not knowing she had a daughter, and mother and daughter have had a rocky relationship ever since. The other Angels, however, invoke Project Salgia and offered Industry an apprenticeship.

Industry's solitary ways and habit of living in her workshop in the basement have endeared her particularly to , who serves as a rather erratic tutor. Industry sometimes gets so wrapped up in her work she simply forgets to sleep, and the resulting dazed state of mind makes her particular sensitive to Sloth's subvocal network, allowing them to converse privately and share confidences.

Abilities Edit

Like her "mother" Envy, Industry's abilities are centred around machinery. However, while Envy's abilities are concerned with vocal control, Industry is more concerned with construction. While she does physically wield a screwdriver (sometimes pulling one out of thin air) ninety percent of her devices are created by Industry standing back and understanding where they should go, and how they should work. This understanding also helps her discern the exact function and components of any technology she counters, even if it's inside a sealed case.

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