The Ministry of the Extraordinary.

The Ministry of the Extraordinary, commonly known as the MoE (pronounced Mo), is the Governmental department in charge of observing, regulating and if necessary campaigning for legislation against the supernatural.

Due to its sensitive (not to say improbable) nature, the MoE is usually headed by a Minister who is generally felt to be unlikely to progress any further in his or her political career. For the older MP, it's considered a cushy retirement, but younger or more ambitious souls regard it as a curse, and several perceptive Party Whips have tacitly offered the position as a threat in the past.

The day-to-day running of the MoE is the responsibility of the Civil Service- specifically in this case, the responsibility of Doctor Blaise. Under his leadership the MoE has enjoyed something of a revival after the scandal of the Industrial Process fifteen years back.

Aside from dealing with horrors mystical, alien, and occasionally steampunk, the MoE also has to contend with superheroics, hence its collective interest in the Angels. Under the terms of Project Salgia, Doctor Blaise has taken the unusual step of approaching the Angels and building up an uneasy working relationship. This leaves the MoE with a little more breathing space before the next crisis.

How long this will last is a matter of some speculation.

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