Tranquility AKA Vanessa Li

Case File Edit

Originally from Australia, Tranquility is a natural wanderer, who used the settlement from her (by all accounts pretty amicable) divorce to take off around the world.

Having visited Bejing, where her father's side of family came from, she them meandered across China, India, and then Europe to see where in Scotland her mother's side of the family comes from. It's possible her power came to her before she arrived at Calais, but it was only when she accidentally thwarted a bank robbery by walking by outside that the authorities first took an interested. Traced via CCTV, Tranquility arived back at her hotel to find Doctor Blaise waiting for her with a conscription into Project Salgia.

Tranquility is remarkably unbothered about being effectively trapped in the UK. The MoE have quietly sorted her out a work visa, and she appears to have settled into a threesome with Gluttony and Temperance. How long she has before the wanderlust overcomes her once again remains to be seen.

Abilities Edit

Within roughly 100 metres of Tranquility, no projectile weapon will operate. No gun will fire, arrows will fall limply from their bows, and missiles will sulk in their launchers.

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